Today, the 14 of us lucky enough to call ourselves interns at The Colbert Report were priviledged with a seminar with Stephen Colbert himself. Not the fake pundit mind you, but the actual man behind the character. Amongst the many pearls of wisdom and great antecdotes he shared with us were two pieces of great advice for making it in the arts and/or entertainment industry that really stood out to me. 

I’d heard similar sentiments before and none of it was truly revolutionary but hearing them from him made them especially poignant and real.

The two points that really hit home for me were:

The five things needed to make it in the biz:

1. Don’t be Crazy

2. Always be excited about what you are doing.

3. Show up to work every day.

4. Be willing to help others

5. Don’t expect credit for doing your work. 


"When deciding to work in arts or entertainment, think if there’s anything else in the world you’d rather be doing, and go do it instead."

Think about it, I know I am.